Visit to the Alnabru terminal

On November 24, the ScanMed Team visited the Alnabru intermodal terminal in Oslo. Safe to say, we were positively impressed!

Did you know?

  • Alnabru has been the hub for rail freight traffic in Norway since 1902.
  • With an area of 57.000 sqm, 50 different tracks, and 4 entry options, it is the largest rail freight terminal in the Nordics.
  • Around 27 trains arrive to and depart from the terminal daily, for a total of 2000-2500 TEU in and out.
  • The two new semi-automated RMG cranes are operated from a Remote Operating Station (ROS), increasing productivity at lower costs while improving safety through an efficient camera system.
  • The gates are automated, reducing truck queues and efficiently directing drivers to their delivery location.
  • Terminal services are provided by CargoNet AS and Onrail.
  • Despite several challenges in the past years, departure punctuality has remained relatively stable at 80-85%.

A special thanks to Vidar Flydal, Regional Terminal Manager at Bane NOR, for sharing his long experience and plenty of insights with us!