Our Vision: ScanMed RFC as an integrator of international rail freight services


ScanMed RFC, together with its users and partners, is building a new approach whose keywords are:

  • Trust: building a transparent, committed and inclusive partnership among all stakeholders
  • Innovation: co-developing innovative services and solutions
  • Reliability and Simplicity: increase our competitive advantage against other transport modes

Our Mission

Providing better railway services for freight transportation in Europe, to attract more goods on the railway: this is our Mission.

Strategy: ambitious goals and co-creation

The new vision of the Corridor was translated into a Strategy Paper, which is available here.

An updated Strategy Paper, valid from 2021 until 2024 is available here.

The Strategy Paper is primarily aimed towards Corridor users (Railway Undertakings and their customers, i.e., End-Users) and Corridor partners (Terminals and Ports). It will also be shared with the Ministries in charge of transport and third-parties, such as the European Commission.

It sets the direction for developing ScanMed RFC in the next five years.

The implementation

To implement the strategy, ScanMed develops a yearly work plan whose main lines will be published on the website at the beginning of each year

In the spirit of co-creation, ScanMed RFC and its partners set up a methodology for implementation described in the document “Principles for Business for Co-development” (also available here). The method is shared between the Infrastructure Managers, users, partners, supervisors, and facilitators of ScanMed RFC.