Founded in 2004, RailNetEurope (RNE) is an association of European Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and Allocation Bodies (ABs).  RNE’s mission is to help its members meet the challenges of the rapidly-changing railway sector in Europe and to promote international rail traffic. To do so, it helps coordinate and harmonise international processes in the areas of Capacity Management, Traffic Management, Corridor Management, IT, and Sales & Legal Matters. 

Under the umbrella of Corridor Management, RNE provides a coordination platform for harmonizing the implementation of individual Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) by developing and deploying common procedures and IT tools across the entire RFC Network, while promoting a market-oriented approach. 

To increase the involvement of the RFCs in RNE, a few steps have been taken. Firstly, the High Level Group for RFCs (RFC HLG) has been introduced. Secondly, RFCs have been invited to participate in the RNE General Assembly. Finally, RNE has offered the RFCs the opportunity to apply for Associate Membership in the organization to further strengthen cooperation.