Founded in 2002, RailNetEurope – RNE –is an Association of European Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies, founded in 2002 and counting 35 members today.  RNE’s mission is to support its members in the definition of harmonized procedures for the management of all phases of the international rail freight traffic production and the development of the related IT tools. The final aim is to make the international rail freight transport smoother and better performing.

These goals largely coincide with the objectives of the EU Commission rail transport policy. Particularly the so-called “Freight Regulation,” therefore RNE, has been supporting the implementation and the operation of the Rail Freight Corridors since the entry into force of the Freight Regulation in 2010.

Many of the most critical IT systems used by the corridors are developed and managed by RNE, from their head office in Vienna.

More information can be found in RNE Website