ScanMed assesses its performance and the quality of its services and products in different ways.

Operational Performance – TPM and Punctuality Measurement

ScanMed pays particular attention to the monitoring and improvement of punctuality along its route.

The TPM WG ensures consistency of punctuality reports and continuously works to their improvements in terms of data quality and usability. Primarily through the cooperation with other RFCs under the umbrella of RNE and making use of RNE’s TIS, the IT Tool provides the data on international trains run. Punctuality improvement in terms of operational measures to mitigate delays is addressed by ScanMed’s Regional Groups.

In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, ScanMed publishes its punctuality reports in CIP.

For the respective report, please see below.

January 2024

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November 2023

October 2023

September 2023

August 2023


Assessment of the performance from the inside – Key Performance Indicators

ScanMed adopted several Key Performance Indicators that are annually measured. Part of these KPIs are commonly shared with other RFCs (see “RNE Guidelines for RFCs Key Performance Indicators”). Others are an individual choice of the Scanmed RFC.

ScanMed publishes its KPIs on CIP; please visit the links below for further information.

KPIs 2022

KPIs 2021