As already indicated by the name, the WG Capacity Management (CAP) aims at effective capacity management and allocation on ScanMed RFC.

The group consists of one Sales/Timetable representative for each country lying along the corridor, viz. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Based on the knowledge of national developments in rail freight transport and deep understanding of the market needs to be provided from the WG CAP members, the corridor ScanMed can derive essential insights for capacity-related issues and further developments of the corridor. Additionally, the COSS, as a joint body of the Infrastructure Managers involved in the corridor and exclusive sales entry point for path requests (PaP and RC) on the corridor, is part of the Working group.  It has become an essential part of the working method on the corridor to have several periodic meetings each year between the mentioned parties.

The annual working plan covers both conceptual topics, e.g., further developments of the corridor products as well as the terminal integrated capacity offer (TICO) and operational issues such as the improvement and harmonization of processes and the revision of the Book IV’s capacity chapters. With its specialist know-how, the group also takes part in capacity studies by providing the necessary data and giving recommendations from the capacity point of view. Moreover, WG CAP members and the corridor benefit from the mutual exchange of ideas and thus create added-value for the customers along the Corridor.