ScanMed Rail Freight Corridor has been organized has been set up according to the provisions of the so-called “Freight Regulation” (Regulation (EU) n.913/2010), based on an efficiency/effectiveness-oriented approach.


Political support for ScanMed’s actions is facilitated by the Executive Board, consisting of the representatives of the six-member state governments. The Executive Board defines the Corridor’s general objectives.

The Management Board is the decision making body of the Infrastructure Managers, necessary for taking measures aimed at fulfilling the Corridor’s objectives.

Working Structure

A dedicated Corridor Team is responsible for implementing the measures strategically set by the Management Board. The Corridor team consists of a Managing Director, a Corridor One-Stop-Shop Manager, and an Accessibility Manager & Deputy Managing Director. Additionally, each Infrastructure Manager appoints a Program Implementation Manager (PIM) who supports the Corridor Team and ensures the national-side implementation of the defined actions.