Declaration of an ICM case on ScanMed RFC

Due to heavy rainfall and consequent floods in the southern part of Germany during the weekend of June 1-2, an International Contingency Management (ICM) case according to RNE’s ICM Handbook has been declared.

In particular, the railway bridge between Nürnberg and Würzburg near Kitzingen has not been useable since 04:00 on June 2.

Reconstruction will not be possible until June 24. After that, traffic will start on a single track. The exact date of the reconstruction and the opening of the second track is unknown yet.

Diversionary routes for freight trains are available to the north via Bamberg and to the south via Ansbach. You can view the affected line (in red) and alternative routes (in yellow and green) in the map below. Moreover, below you will also find a table prepared by our colleagues from RFC Rhine – Danube showing the parameters of the diversionary routes.

The ScanMed Team will keep you informed on the developments on the ground, hoping for a quick resolution of the ICM case.