Publication of preliminary PaP catalogue TT25

TTR CNA Pilot applicant feedback on the preliminary PaP Catalogue TT2025

As part of the ongoing TTR CNA pilot on the northern part of our Corridor, we are pleased to publish a preliminary capacity offer and PaP catalogue for timetable 2025. Applicants thus can give us feedback on our capacity offer, which we will then try to improve according to both your and the market’s needs before publishing the final offer on January 8, 2024.

Important facts about the Pilot and the feedback process:

  • The Pilot will only be carried out on the northern part of ScanMed RFC (i.e., only Corridor sections north of Maschen Rbf).
  • The preliminary PaP Catalogue is published in the familiar Excel format with a Corridor map and integrated search functions.
  • Feedback is specifically requested on the departure and arrival times of the individual stations shown in the PaP Catalogue but may also relate to required operational stops and infrastructure parameters.
  • The feedback format should ideally be a commented PaP Catalogue with the corresponding change requests. We recommend using the comment function for Excel cells, but we will also consider feedback in a separate form (e-mail text extra document).
  • Feedback must be sent by e-mail at until November 29, 2023 at the latest.
  • The final PaP Catalogue TT25 will be published on January 8, 2024.

You can find the preliminary PaP catalogue TT25 for ScanMed RFC on CIP or download it directly here.

We thank you for your participation in the TTR CNA Pilot and look forward to receive your feedback!

The preliminary PaP catalogue for ScanMed RFC North is only a preliminary version used for customer consultation in the context of the current TTR CNA Pilot. Such Catalogue does not constitute a binding PaP and TICO offer. The submission of feedback on the preliminary PaP Catalogue does not constitute a guarantee that the Catalogue will be adjusted accordingly. The PaP offer shown in the preliminary PaP Catalogue may change significantly until the final PaP Catalogue is published on January 8, 2024. Furthermore, and due to the earlier publication, no information can be provided on TCRs and consequent missing days in the offer. These will also be announced with the publication of the final PaP Catalogue.