The European Union rail transport policy aims to increase the volume of goods transported by rail and to balance the modal split more in favor of the railway.

The so-called EU “Freight Regulation follows this approach. Its purpose is to create a European rail network consisting of international rail freight corridors (RFCs) with a high level of performance.

In total, there are eleven Rail Freight Corridors in Europe, forming an extensive network across the continent. At RNE’s website, you will see a map of all the corridors, as well as finding links to all corridor websites.

Aiming to coordinate activities to improve efficiency and harmonization of offer and services, the RFCs have set up the «RFCs Talks,» a platform for discussion on common interest issues. This platform is supplemented by the «RNE RFCs High-level group,» whose aim is to integrate the RFCs’ requirements for the tools and services provided by RNE