Fruitful ICM Workshop on the 30th of January in Stockholm

ScanMed RFC together with Trafikverket organized a workshop to further ensure the implementation of ICM, International Contingency Management, in the ScanMed corridor.

Participants from BaneDanmark, Bane NOR, Trafikverket, DB Netz, RFI and ÖBB attended the workshop and gave valuable input.

Co-operation and not to be afraid to implement ICM were some keywords that everyone agreed on during the workshop.

A disruption affects many different parties: Infrastructure Managers, customers, stakeholders and society in general all have to deal with the effects of a disruption. Coordination, to react fast and to make sure that everyone has access to the same information.

ScanMed RFC was the first rail freight corridor to handle an international disruption real case in accordance with the ICM handbook and the ScanMed implementation documents (8th of May 2019 – Rendsburg, DB Netz declared this as an international disruption).

During normal office hours the ICM Coordination procedure will be handled by ScanMed ICM Coordinator and the Deputy. When an International disruption is declared outside office hours Trafikverket act as a back-up service. During the workshop it was explained how the practicalities will be handled.

The work will continue on a bilateral basis (ScanMed RFC – Trafikverket) with the aim of starting up the ICM Coordination back-up service as of the Q2-2020.

Pictured from left: Riccardo Ioncoli, Anna Skoog, Stephan Noll, Stefan Björkqvist, Hans Wolf, Emanuele Mastrodonato, Anne Hommik, Saskia Meynhardt, Lars Back Johansson, Michael Zeitler och Bjorn Terje Jullumstro.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.