What are Punctuality Reports?

Punctuality is essential for the railway and especially for us in ScanMed RFC!
I had the opportunity to have an e-mail exchange with our CRM Manager, Kosta Tsesmetsis, to learn more about the reports ScanMed RFC produces.

Kosta Tsesmetsis

Kosta, please tell us, what are punctuality reports?

The punctuality reports are constructed by our Train Performance Management Working Group (shortened TPM). In the report, you find information about the punctuality of all the trains running along with ScanMed RFC. In them, you can find a thirteen-month overview, which enables you to compare the current month to last year. Also included are reasons detailing why the punctuality is what it is.

Interesting! So, are there more details in the reports to be found?

Yes! All international freight trains that cross at least one pair of predefined measuring points along the Corridor are displayed. You can study trains when they leave their origin and when they arrive at their final destination from North to South and vice versa.

What is the threshold for a delayed train?

If the train is delayed equal to or lower than thirty minutes, it is deemed punctual. More than thirty minutes and the train is considered delayed.

Who is producing the punctuality reports?

Every country within the Corridor has its TPM Coordinator; they deliver data of the previous month. The data is collected by the TPM Working Group Leader, who summarizes and constructs all the different figures to form the punctuality report.

How are the reports being used, and by whom?

They are available for everyone; Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, Freight Forwarders, and End Customers. The reports give a good overview of the punctuality. Infrastructure Managers, together with Railway Undertakings, can use the reports to analyze and see where they can make a difference for the customer to have an even better product!

How often do we publish these reports, and where can they be accessed?

A monthly edition is published and available in CIP – you download it from here. A quarterly report is also available, and you can access it by contacting the ScanMed RFC TeamRAG/TAG-Speakers, or the Regional Working Group Leaders.

If one has suggestions, ideas, or questions regarding the reports – to whom should they address them?

Please contact me, Kosta Tsesmetsis as the CRM Manager. I will collect your input and coordinate with the TPM Working Group so that we can give a solid and useful response.

Before letting you off the hook – anything you would like to add about the reports?

We know that there is a vast potential in using the reports. We do appreciate feedback on the reports so that they can evolve, and the data in them can be used to address issues. With input, we can launch new project pilots, such as done with the Brenner axis Task Force. Or we can undertake a new study, as done with the minimization of the dwelling time at cross-border stations. So we urge you to actively use the reports and get in touch with us if we can assist you in any way!

Finally, how has it been working from home as a CRM Manager during the current pandemic?

I started working on the 2nd of March, 2020. Ten days later, Europe was more or less wholly closed down. With the help of colleagues within ScanMed RFC and support from the Infrastructure Managers in all countries, it has worked well! Maybe everyone is starting to get tired of all the questions from me.

Thank you very much, Kosta, for a thorough explanation of what a Punctuality Report is.

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Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.