CEF Transport turns 10!

Did you know that the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme turns 10 this year?

For this special anniversary, CINEA has launched a new interactive webpage to showcase the contribution of CEF to greening and decarbonising the transport sector. Officially announced during the Connecting Europe Days, the webpage features texts, pictures, data, and interactive maps where you can locate CEF projects throughout the Union and learn how EU investments are positively impacting the continent’s transport network.

Since 2014, CEF Transport has substantially supported Europe’s railway infrastructure, pouring over €26 billion for projects focusing on cross-border bottlenecks, missing links, connections to airports and ports, the development of rail-road terminals, and the deployment of ERTMS.

Among other things, CEF Transport has funded railway works aimed at:

  • The construction or upgrade of over 5,700 km of rail lines
  • The removal of over 400 level crossings
  • The upgrade of over 250 stations
  • The improvement of railway connections to 60 ports, 25 rail-road terminals, and 20 airports
  • The retrofit of around 180,000 freight wagons with low noise, composite brake blocks

Along ScanMed, aside co-funding for the RFC, CEF Transport has supported:

  • The double-track Iron Ore Line between northern Norway and Sweden
  • The North Bothnia Line and East Coast Line along the Bothnian Corridor
  • The multimodal hub in the Port of Trelleborg
  • ERTMS deployment along several Danish railway lines
  • The Fehmarn Belt
  • The preliminary planning for the Hamburg railway node
  • ETCS Level 2 migration in Tirol
  • The Brenner Base Tunnel
  • The improvement of infrastructure for 740m trains between Empoli and Pisa
  • The upgrade of the last mile rail connection to the port of Civitavecchia
  • The upgrade of the Orte rail-road terminal

Interested to know more? To visit the webpage and discover more CEF-funded projects along our Corridor and beyond, head to the webpage!