Waiting for…ScanMed’s Spring Customer Workshop

ScanMed RFC is pleased to invite Railway Undertakings, Terminals, Ports, and End Users to its third Spring Customer Workshop that will take place on May 29th, from 09:00 to 17:45 in Naples, in the premises of the National Railway Museum.

In 2016, we dedicated our efforts to define a common strategy and in 2017 to explore the Corridor expected role as Facilitator along the logistic chain. In 2018, we will concentrate our workshop on consolidating the opened path(s).

We expect this workshop to be as interactive as possible, to improve a customer journey and ScanMed’s simplicity and reliability.

Registrations are expected by e-mail to Antonia Recchia (an.recchia@rfi.it)


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.