ScanMed RFC president, Linda Thulin, speaks at the Arctic Infrastructure Conference

Linda spoke about important topics such as reaching Europe’s climate goals and making Europe climate neutral by the year 2050.

Do you know that you can transport goods on the railway the whole way from Hallsberg in Sweden to Verona in Italy? If you use the ScanMed Rail Freight Corridor and our services the transport will take 25-30 hours with an average speed of 75-89 km/h. The railway has many advantages in comparison to the road: One is that it’s possible to transport large amounts of freight long distances on the railway.

ScanMed RFC works, together with its valued partners, to ensure high quality and if the unforeseen happens: Provide with timely and accurate information and options as a plan B.

Before concluding the participation at the Arctic Infrastructure Conference there was time for a shorter Q&A. Linda answered questions, an example:

  • Are there any plans for aligning the TEN-T network and the RFC-networks?

Linda answered this by explaining that there is an evaluation ongoing for both the TEN-T and RFC directives and we will follow the outcome of these. If there is a market need there is a possibility to extend the corridor but this needs a concrete market need.

After the live-meeting was concluded, Linda summarized the event:

The industry in the North of Sweden is important for us as ScanMed RFC and we are looking forward to further strengthening our relationship. Our goals are common: We want to reduce our carbon footprint and also strengthening transport on railways.

To learn more about the Arctic Infrastructure Conference, please visit their website:


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.