The User Satisfaction Survey 2023 is now public!

We are happy to inform you that we have just published our User Satisfaction Survey (USS) 2023! Like in previous years, the report has been created in cooperation with RNE and is available for download here as well as on the Customer Information Platform (CIP) on RNE’s website.

This year saw an increase in responses (+30% compared to 2022) as well as in the participation of ports and terminals (+67%).

As part of the general overhaul of the USS agreed upon by the RFC Network, which made the survey shorter and more effective, the report shows two customer satisfaction values corresponding to the old and new methodology adopted to measure it. Until 2022, we considered as satisfaction all answers ranging from “slightly” to “very satisfied”. However, in 2023 we focused only on “satisfied” and “very satisfied” values in the belief that a slightly satisfied customer, still sees much room for improvement in our activities and products rather than being generally satisfied.

Nonetheless, as this is the first year that we introduce this new methodology, on slide 5 the report shows the value calculated through the old methodology (92%), so to make it comparable to last year’s, while on slide 9 we inserted the value calculated with the new system (77%), which will serve as the basis for future comparisons. Either way, the result does not change: Customer satisfaction keeps increasing year after year, no matter what methodology we use.

Customers are particularly pleased with the Corridor’s handling of TCRs, communication outreach and information sharing, and the services of the C-OSS. However, they are still unsatisfied when it comes to the Corridor’s commercial offer and train performance measures. Concerning the Terminal Integrated Capacity Offer (TICO), respondents are aware of this product, but still show some skepticism on how it could work in practice. Conversely, customers praise the regional cooperation forums set up by the RFC, including its regional WGs and the newly established Femern Belt Platform (FBP). They find them valuable connection points between themselves and the Infrastructure Managers, as these forums keep the information exchange and overall cooperation flowing.

In case you have any questions or would like to share some thoughts and remarks regarding the survey, we invite you to contact our Administration & Communication Officer, Gabriele Melindo.