ScanMed RFC on Norwegian TV

We are proud to share that last Friday, June 30, ScanMed RFC made an appearance on Norwegian TV (NRK), specifically Nordland’s regional broadcast. The daily news reported, among other things, on the electrification of trucks transporting salmon to the terminal in Mo i Rana, where the fish is loaded on freight trains and sent southward. When interviewed, our CRM Manager Kosta Tsesmetsis underlined the importance of having companies such as Meyership and Nova Sea setting the example on how to move forward with the green transition.

After intensive work to shift goods from road to rail, an effort to which ScanMed RFC has been contributing, the number of freight trains on Nordland’s railway has increased exponentially from one to four each day. Consequently, there are now 30,000 fewer trucks on the E6, Norway’s backbone highway – with all the environmental benefits this development entails in terms of reduced transport emissions.

ScanMed RFC keeps delivering, in the High North and beyond!

You can watch the news report here.