Declaration of an ICM case on ScanMed RFC

Due to heavy snowfall in the southern part of Germany during the night between Friday and Saturday last week (December 1-2), DB Netz classified the weather’s impact as an International Contingency Management (ICM) case according to RNE’s ICM Handbook.

The federal state of Bavaria, and in particular the area around Munich, is significantly affected. Since Friday’s evening, the section Munich – Rosenheim, an integral part of ScanMed RFC, has been closed, effectively ending train traffic there. 

The reason behind this closure is that on this route, specifically near the town of Assling, there is a catenary damage currently still under repair.​ Single-track operation is running again as of 02:00 in the night today, December 5. DB Netz is now checking whether further train journeys are possible.​ Double-track operation is expected to be restarted by December 6. 

To view the affected lines on a map, please click here.

The ScanMed Team will keep you informed on the developments on the ground, hoping for a quick resolution of the ICM case.