Single Contract of Use (SCU)

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  • Post published:18/12/2019
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ScanMed RFC has reached an agreement to let its customers in ScanMed North (NOR, SWE, DEN, GER) implement a Single Contract of Use (SCU) of railway infrastructure capacity along the Scandinavian Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor.

The RU wishes to use the ScanMed RFC infrastructure, involving the use of several railway networks, managed by different IMs, by crossing one or more national borders for its business processes consisting of railway traffic and transport.

The signing of a contract of use constitutes a prerequisite for the use of the capacity allocated via the Corridor organization and is provided by the relevant IMs to the RU in compliance with the rules mentioned in the SCU and inapplicable EU-legislation.

The IMs wish to facilitate the administration surrounding the rail freight transports by offering this single contract of use for the entire corridor transport.

This Contract deals with the use of the train paths allocated to the RU for the purpose of providing an international train service on RFC ScanMed.

Please do contact us for more information and to start using the SCU with ScanMed RFC!


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.