Trafikverket – International conference on railway freight transport

Trafikverket – International conference on railway freight transport – On September the 20th in Stockholm, invited representatives from the industry and European railway organizations gathered for a full day on competitive freight transport by rail. Among the speakers were Pat Cox, who is the European Coordinator for TEN-T Scan-Med, Emanuele Mastrodonato, CEO of the Scan-Med RFC Corridor, and the Swedish Transport Administration’s Director General Lena Erixson. The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) is the initiator of the conference.

The conference concept was specifically addressed to transport buyers, railway companies, major ports and terminal players with a focus on freight transport. The purpose was to highlight important aspects of how the railway can become more attractive to those who buy transport services.

The volume of goods and freight flows is expected to continue increasing – at the same time we must protect the climate and continue making our society more accessible and sustainable.

The objective of the conference was to get an industry-wide picture of Swedish and European initiatives to strengthen the growth of freight transport by rail. Therefore, together, we identified important issues and obstacles that today stand in the way of efficient and competitive rail freight transport, says Magnus Landström, the Swedish Transport Administration.

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Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.