Test with us our new short term ad hoc offer!

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  • Post published:06/02/2018
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Dear Customer,

We listened to your feedback. Timetables for international ad-hoc traffic are often not well harmonized: border times might differ between the Infrastructure Managers, stops at border stations might be extended, timetables might be incomplete or overlapping. For these reasons, many of you asked for a corridor service facilitating quick and coordinated timetables for short-term traffic. We have followed your request!

Starting 5th February, we are officially launching our Short-term Reserve Capacity Pilot. The Pilot enables you the request of internationally coordinated timetables at a short-notice, by using PCS.

We aim at improving the quality of the timetables and reducing the response time.

This is what you need to consider:

  • Our for short-term Reserve Capacity TT2018 is marked in PCS as RFC03adhoc01RFC03adhoc02, etc.
  • The number of Dossiers published in PCS is not an indication of the available capacity for the Pilot. New Dossiers can be daily uploaded into PCS as soon as the published capacity was used and as long as capacity is still available at the Infrastructure Managers.
  • Only the corridor sections and the standard parameters are published in PCS. The times of the timetable are flexible – It is up to you to decide which times suit you best.
  • We will construct the international timetable and provide you with the offer as soon as possible (There are no fixed deadlines, but we aim at being quicker than the individual Infrastructure Managers)
  • We start the Pilot by enabling requests for spot-traffic only (one train / one day). Depending on the results of the Pilot, the corridor service might be extended.
  • Exceptional transports cannot be accepted.
  • Only requests with forwarding construction can be dealt with
  • Only requests placed in PCS can be taken into consideration for the Pilot.
  • The function “pre-accepted offer” should be selected in PCS when creating the Dossier.
  • Following Infrastructure Managers is part of the Pilot: Banedanmark, DB Netz, ÖBB Infra, RFI.
  • You will get your final offer via PCS.

Have we triggered your interest? Please contact your C-OSS for support and more details.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.