Swedish Terminals and ScanMed: set common goals

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  • Post published:26/02/2019
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On the 13th of February in Nässjö, we have met the Swedish International Freight Association (SIFA). SIFA is a trade association which represents some 105 Swedish companies engaged in the movement of freight. During the day, we discussed the need of cooperation between stakeholders to increase the reliability of transports on railway and add volumes of freight transport on rail. From our point of view, when there are needs of transports we can set common goals with the transport buyer and all relevant stakeholders, to boost the transport efficiency.  We also discussed the need to improve the completeness of the railway sector offer, to be more transparent and to simplify information to the users.

We’ve investigated area of improvement to increase quality and to set common plans for the contingency management so the freight will reach the final destination even in case of major disruptions. Finally we’ve had an exchange on some possible minor investments in connections to terminals along the corridor, this topic will be further discussed in the following meetings we are organising with the concerned players in the association.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.