New government task to Trafikverket on rail ferry connections

The Swedish Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure has tasked Trafikverket with proposing measures to ensure the maintenance of the rail ferry connection between Trelleborg, Sweden, and Rostock, Germany. Moreover, the agency has to analyze which other long-term redundancy alternatives can be created for rail freight transport between Sweden and the continent.

The ferry connection between Trelleborg and Rostock represents an important route for both passenger and freight traffic. About twenty years ago, around 200,000 wagons were transported to Europe via Trelleborg every year. Nowadays, due to a lack of financial conditions to operate conventional rail traffic, that number has dropped to 17,000-20,000 wagons.

For Tomas Arvidsson, ScanMed RFC’s TAG deputy spokesperson, the government’s assignment is excellent news, particularly at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions. In light of Russia’s aggression of Ukraine, which prompted the Nordic country to abandon its bicentenary neutrality and apply to become a member of NATO, redundant connections between Sweden and Europe are of great relevance not just for socio-economic development but also for military preparedness, mobility, and defence.

ScanMed RFC welcomes the government’s decision – which highlights once more the Corridor’s significance for the region’s security and prosperity – and is ready to support Trafikverket any way it can!