Review Report of ICM case in Rendsburg published

Stephan Noll, C-OSS Manager, introduces the Review Report

What is this Report About?

On the 8th of May 2019, a level crossing accident occurred near Rendsburg (Alt-Duvenstedt) with the first application of the International Contingency Management (ICM) routine on ScanMed RFC. To mitigate the influence of such international disturbances, the handbook for International Contingency Management was endorsed by RNE General Assembly and all Infrastructure Managers (IMs) to incorporate ICM process descriptions in their national incident framework. The review reports collect the feedback of the concerned Managers and Experts who participated at this ICM Rendsburg case to derive lessons learned, findings, and potential activities and recommendations on the ICM routine.

– Where is Rendsburg?

Rendsburg is a city in Northern Germany, almost in between Hamburg and the Danish border, directly situated at the Kiel Canal. The city is well known for its Rendsburg High Bridge, a railway bridge made of steel constructed in 1913 to take the Neumünster–Flensburg railway over the Kiel Canal from the relatively flat land on either side. It is the longest railway bridge in Europe (highway/rail bridge Øresund Bridge is longer)

– What happened?

A local train collided with a truck on level crossing near Rendsburg (Alt-Duvenstedt) beginning of May 2019 and derailed. Due to it, the Loco driver and truck driver were seriously injured, several passengers were slightly injured, the overhead line switched off, and the total closure of the line was expected to take almost one week. As this accident happened on the most crucial railway line for rail freight traffic towards Scandinavia, international freight traffic has been profoundly impacted, which resulted in the first ICM case on ScanMed RFC.

– Were there any conclusions in the Report?

The collected feedback was discussed with the national ICM Managers during a workshop to assess ScanMed’s ICM documentation and processes. The recommendations and food for thoughts impacted the update of the corridor documents. The adaptations will be tested in the upcoming ICM simulation end of April 2020. 

– How has it been presented?

For the moment, the Report was prepared ScanMed internally and then presented and endorsed by the Management Board. In the upcoming days and weeks, the Report will be presented to the RAG/TAG members and will be spread to interested partners and stakeholders. 

– What happens now?

ScanMed RFC is very interested in getting further feedback from external stakeholders about the ICM case in Rendsburg. Additional ideas will be taken into consideration to improve the ICM routine on even higher levels.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.