Reserve Capacity for TT 2023 is published!

Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and applicants,

I’m happy to announce that Reserve
Capacity for TT2023 is now published and accessible in PCS
 and ready for you to order. In addition to fixed
pre-arranged paths for the annual timetable, the ScanMed RFC also offers
Reserve Capacity, according to Art. 14.5. EU Regulation 913/2010 in a flexible

Reserve Capacity (RC) is our product for your new recurrent business
needs within the running timetable. It consists of remaining capacity in the
running timetable dedicated to international ad-hoc freight trains on ScanMed

For the remainder of 2022, and the whole timetable
2023, Reserve Capacity is published and accessible through PCS and ready for
you to order:

Reserve Capacity can be requested 30 days before the first
day of operation on all corridor sections North of Verona QE from Norway/Sweden
to Italy. Reserve Capacity on the ScanMed RFC is offered as a contingent of
“capacity slots” for international freight trains. There is one capacity slot
available per day and direction on all mentioned sections. On behalf of the
Infrastructure Managers, I will provide you then with an internationally
harmonized path offer until ten days before the first running day at the

Further details on this product and its benefits can
be found on our website and in PCS or are downloadable anytime from our
Customer Information Platform (CIP), together with all relevant information on
the procedures for requesting and allocating capacity (Corridor Information
Document Book 4), standard running times, unavailable days due to TCRs and
train parameters (Link to CIP: )

We hope to deliver a useful service to your individual
flexible traffic needs with this flexible capacity product.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to contact our C-OSS Manager directly.