RailTech 2019

The ScanMed Corridor is glad to inform you with the relevant news from the RailTech 2019, held in Utrecht last March.

The forum attracted almost 50 participants, including Ministries, Terminals, Rail Undertakings, Industries and International Press.

Our C-OSS, Stephan Noll, presented the ScanMed Pilot on Integrated Offer, concerning the offer process where terminal slots are associated with the international rail freight capacity.

The Pilot consists of four levels of commitment as follows:

  1. C-OSS as facilitator of information exchange
  2. C-OSS as common Post-Box (Applicants can place requests for Terminal Capacity in one step, together with the PaP requests)
  3. Publication of Free Terminal Slots (C-OSS publishes free Terminal Slots in the PaP Catalogue with no preliminary coordination with the PaP times)
  4. Publication of Coordinated Terminal Slots (C-OSS publishes in the PaP Catalogue Terminal Slots which were coordinated with the PaP times)

The general thought of the participants revealed a good appreciation: customers loved the idea to book everything in one tool, as for PCS.

Furthermore, as suggested by the participants, the pilot should be applicable for Reserve Capacity requests too.

In the end, this is the right approach and a first step to achieve a real integrated offer.

In market opinion, a fully integrated is meant to serve, monitor and broadely improve the offer process. This integration should include further corridor/non-corridor lines and thus having an operational impact.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.