Fehmarn Belt Forum

Two days ago, the ScanMed Team travelled to Copenhagen to take part in the Fehmarn Belt Forum. This was the second meeting dedicated to this topic, following a first seminar in October of last year. 

The event was organised by ScanMed RFC in cooperation with Femern A/S, the company tasked with planning, building, and operating the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link between Denmark and Germany. The meeting witnessed an impressive participation, with representatives from the European Commission, Ministries of Transport, Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, and Terminal and Ports. 

Under the chairmanship of Pat Cox, the EU Coordinator for the ScanMed Corridor, and with ScanMed President Linda Thulin and Managing Director Furio Bombardi acting as moderators, the  participants discussed ScanMed’s proposal for the set up of the Fehmarn Belt Platform.

The proposal was welcomed by all parties as a good basis for the Platform’s potential organisational structure. The constructive dialogue which was set into motion represents an important first step in what promises to be a fruitful cooperation between all relevant stakeholders of the Fehmarn Belt, a key infrastructure project not just for the ScanMed Corridor but for Europe’s future transport network as a whole.