Multi-corridor view as a new functionality in the Customer Information Platform

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  • Post published:30/06/2017
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The takeover of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) by RailNetEurope (RNE) and its rollout to six participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) made it possible for the CIP to become a multi-corridor tool providing harmonized information processes.
This included the possibility for users to navigate easily between the information for individual RFCs displayed on the CIP.
To enable the users to access all the information available on the platform in an even more user-friendly manner, a full multi-corridor view was developed and is now available in the CIP.
Based on users’ preferences, this new functionality makes it possible to display information for several RFCs at the same time.
The multi-corridor view has been implemented for both central elements of the CIP, the Interactive Map, and the Information Documents.
As for the Information Documents, a joint structure for the provided information was created. 
All essential RFC-related information, such as the Corridor Information Documents (CIDs), Capacity Offer, and Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs), is now accessible in the same order for all participating RFCs.
At the moment, the CIP displays information on railway infrastructure in 18 European countries covering the network of 6 out of 9 RFCs: Rhine-Alpine (RFC 1), North Sea – Mediterranean (RFC 2), Scandinavian – Mediterranean (RFC 3), Atlantic (RFC 4), Baltic – Adriatic (RFC 5) and North Sea-Baltic (RFC 8).
The remaining RFCs have been invited to join the CIP at a later point of time, whereby joining of the RFC Mediterranean is expected by 2018.

To access ScanMed CIP, please click here


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