ScanMed Terminal Pilot

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  • Post published:24/07/2019
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The ScanMed Corridor would like to wish you a good start of the week with an interesting news.

Another important achievement has been reached by the Rail Freight Corridor ScanMed, for the first time in Europe: last week, after having received the official confirmation of an integrated capacity request, we’ve met the concerned undertaking and terminal to define the last details of the train dossiers Verona Quadrante Europa to Rotterdam to be operated in TT 2020.  The request includes a Terminal Slot connected with a Pre-arranged Path that allows booking in advance both the railway capacity and the terminal services required by the customer.

This project pilot was started in 2017 and involved several terminals along the Corridor routes. In 2018, ScanMed Corridor decided to extend the participation to the Verona Q.E. terminal in order to increase the attractiveness of this Corridor product. The result was an offer of seven couples of PaPs connected each other with a Terminal Slot including every service provided by the terminal: shunting, discharging, charging and train departure.

As a result of this cooperation, for the first time the ScanMed Corridor received a request of integrated capacity from an Applicant. This kind of integration demonstrates how successful is the RFC-ScanMed strategy to work in a very close cooperation with its partners in order to increase the railway modal share along the corridor. We will take now a concrete step to realise the railway transport service and to measure the performances of this product. This will be shared with the concerned Terminals and the Railways Undertakings as well as with potential new clients and the stakeholders, to demonstrate how it is possible to improve the performances of the transport system when there is the commitment of all the parties involved in the business.

We would like to thank Mercitalia Rail, Terminali-Italia, and RFI colleagues for the spirit of cooperation and for the very fruitful start of this concrete further step of the project pilot.

We will continue keeping you informed on the Pilot Project and if your company is a Railway Undertaking willing to optimise the Terminal arrival/departure or if you are a Terminal in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria or Italy do contact us to be on board and start working together!


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.