ScanMed RFC at ExPo Ferroviaria round-table

Together with four other Managing Directors of the Rail Freight Corridors (Marc Adler – Rhine Alpine RFC; Furio Bombardi – Mediterranean RFC; Simona Di Loreto – Baltic Adriatic RFC, and Rosa Frignola, Responsible for development and marketing of the Nord-West RFI), our Managing Director – Emanuele Mastrodonato, had a chance to participate at the ExPo Ferroviaria round-table on European Rail Freight Corridor and the Year of Rail, for a seamless European Railway Area.

We would like to thank RFI for the organization and the invitation at the afternoon session where the CEO and the President of RFI made an intervention covering aspects of an interoperable and competitive European railway network and RFI’s contribution.

In this moment, the train can become a driving force for recovery, the ecological transition, the connection between people, goods, and territories. 

The Milanese three-day event showcased technologies, digital circulation systems, railway products and meetings between the leading experts and companies in a sector from which a lot is expected for the post-pandemic Union.

A very important event that has put the fight against climate change at the center of actions!

*** ScanMed RFC team ***