October 25th 2017: RAG TAG Meeting

Following a fruitful meeting in Malmö, the Corridor looks forward to welcoming the Advisory Groups Railway Undertakings (RAG) and Terminals (TAG) on 25th October from 09h45 to 16h00 in Verona.
A visit to the Verona Quadrante Terminal will be organized between 15h00 and 16h00. Details on the location will be provided at a later stage.
The meeting will be dedicated to the concrete actions that ScanMed RFC plans to prioritize in its work plan for 2018.
The Corridor will also update the Advisory Groups on the status of its ongoing activities. RAG members are invited to take up contact with their speakers should they wish to contribute to the schedule. For the sake of proper preparation, the Corridor needs to know customer’s topics until 15th September. Pre-Meetings of the RAG and TAG members are possible from 08h30 to 09h30. Coordination also runs through the speakers.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.