New Rail Freight Corridors on the Customer Information Platform

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  • Post published:20/12/2018
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Another achievement deriving from the cooperation between RNE and the European Rail Freight Corridors has been reached.

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) has been successfully rolled-out to the RFCs Mediterranean (RFC6) and Orient East-Med (RFC7).

With this, CIP displays information on railway infrastructure in 24 European countries covering the network of 8 out of 11 RFCs: Rhine-Alpine (RFC1), North Sea-Mediterranean (RFC2), Scandinavian-Mediterranean (RFC3), Atlantic (RFC4), Baltic- Adriatic (RFC5), Mediterranean (RFC6), Orent East- Med (RFC7) and North Sea-Baltic (RFC8).

The remaining RFCs are scheduled to implement CIP by the end of 2020.

Follow the link to visit the CIP productive environment powered by RNE (


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.