Morning coffee chat with Bjørn Kristiansen, Traffic and Marketing Director at BaneNor

Can you tell us about your role on ScanMed RFC?

I have been chairing the Management Board of the Corridor for the last two years. It consists of highly skilled top managers with long international experience from our six Member-Infrastructure Managers. This is the group where all decisions about the implementation of our strategy are made.

What are the biggest challenges on ScanMed RFC?

To bring radically different operational and market environments to pursue together one strategy and the same goals between Scandinavia and Italy. These are the reliability of rail traffic and the simplicity of access to rail services for end-users. We work with pilots and regional groups in the North and the South – but it is the role of the Management Board and its team to ensure that we all go in the same direction.

What are the next plans?

We have three priorities: improve our capacity offer for more flexibility, complete our work on cross-border contingency management with the aim of more transparency for our customers, and support better coordination of works, both cross-border and internally to the Infrastructure managers, between our colleagues planning works, and those planning paths.

Where do you want ScanMed RFC to be in 10 years?

To be the natural counterpart and solution-provider for rail users, when it comes to international freight. The Corridors must be trend and frame-setters. We brought our Members to talk on a broader geographical basis than just the network next door. The next step is to convince them that we support them, not compete with them. Our usual competitors are road, short-sea shipping, and inland waterways.


Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC.