Information on the Rail Noise Mitigation Act in Germany

On the 19th of August, ScanMed RFC sent information to its customers regarding the Rail Noise Mitigation Act in Germany. We are also providing the information on our website, and you can read the full statement below. 

The Rail Noise Protection Act, prohibits the driving of noisy freight trains on the German rail network by the 13th of December 2020. The act continues to allow freight trains to run with noisy freight wagons if § 4 No. 1, or § 4 No. 2, or § 5 of the Rail Noise Protection Act are applicable.

Please note: It is possible that a counter-action could be brought against the Rail Noise Protection act. Even if a counter-action against the act is submitted, the Rail Noise Protection Act will remain in force until other official information is available.

Official information can be obtained through the links below:

DB Netze has provided further information on their website

Update on the 21st of September: The official information from DB Netze is now available in English

The Rail Noise Mitigation Act is available from the Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz

Please note that this information is in German only.

The official translation of the Rail Noise Mitigation Act to English is available here

An official statement from the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) with more detailed information 

Please note that this information is in German only but contains information on the process of applying for exemptions

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