TCR ScanMed North Group meeting


00:00 - 14:00

Dear Customers,

following rules specific to the Implementation of Annex VII on the German network, DB Netz kindly puts at your disposal ahead of the TCR meeting ScanMed North of 07th October 2022

– the planned available capacity allowing optimal Timetable quality on TCR-segments

– as well as an overview of the diversionary lines together with a first indication on their available rest capacity.

The capacity on TCR-segments is available per TCR window (“Bautakte”) and structured geographically. It covers the German part of the cross-border network that will be considered during our meeting.

The capacity overview on diversionary lines is available in a 52-week-overview for the complete German network.

The contents are, at this stage of communication towards you, uncoordinated with DB Netz’s partner-IMs and is therefore to be considered as endorsed by DB Netz only. Dominika Wochowski ( is at your disposal, should you have any questions.

The IMs involved in ScanMed North will discuss their respective TCR-planning status ahead of our meeting. The shared results will be presented jointly during the meeting.

Best regards,

Your Corridor-Team

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