Sales Process

Process overview for Capacity Requests (PaP and RC) and their allocation:

  • X- 11:   Publication of PaPs for the annual timetable by the C-OSS
  • X – 11 till X – 8:  Application for PaPs for the yearly timetable
  • X – 8:   Deadline for submitting PaP-requests by Applicants
  • X-7,5:  Pre-Allocation decision of PaPs by C-OSS
  •  Customer Information on the results of the Pre-Allocation by C-OSS
  • X – 5:  Publication of the Draft Offer by the C-OSS
  • X-5 till X-4:   Observations from Applicants
  • X-4 till X-3,5:  Post-processing and Publication of Final Offer by the C-OSS
  • X – 2:  Publication of the Offer for Reserve Capacity by the C-OSS
  • X:  Timetable change