We offer

What do we offer?

ScanMed RFC offers two products, which can be exclusively requested and allocated via the Corridor One-Stop-Shop (C-OSS) by using the booking tool PCS:

  • Pre-arranged Paths (PaPs) for the annual timetable
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) for new recurrent business needs within the running timetable

Capacity Portfolio related to the traffic needs

The following table visualizes the applicant’s traffic needs and the suitable capacity product at the time of ordering


1 TTR is a joint timetable project launched by RNE and FTE to achieve a new capacity mindset and framework in the future. On the RFC routing Munich-Verona the applicants can book Reserve Capacity and/or Rolling Planning. Both products can be requested latest 30 days before the first train run. In addition to RC and its guaranteed contingent of “capacity slots”, Rolling Planning is part of a determined capacity model which ensures further international rail freight capacity.

Complete Capacity Portfolio at a glance