Temporary Capacity Restrictions

The Working Groups Temporary Capacity Restrictions address the coordination of works on the infrastructure. They consist in one working group at the level of the Corridor and two regional groups, one in the North, covering works in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the North of Germany, and one in the South, covering works in the South of Germany, Austria and Italy.
All three groups are in charge, at various levels, of collecting information on works affecting capacity on Corridor routes. They do so following Guidelines established for all RFCs by RailNetEurope.
Notwithstanding European regulatory developments (“Annex VII”) and such developments as the Timetable Reform (“TTR”) carried out under the umbrella of RailNetEurope, the three groups further reflect on measures to better coordinate planning both across borders and between experts, in particular with timetable experts.
You can find the updated version in CIP.