Performance assessment

ScanMed assesses its performance and the quality of its services and products, in different ways

  • Operational Performance – TPM and Punctuality Measurement

    ScanMed pays particular attention to the monitoring and improvement of punctuality along its route.

    The TPM WG ensure consistency of punctuality reports and continuously works to their improvements in terms of data quality and usability, especially through the cooperation with other RFCs under the umbrella of RNE and making use of RNE’s TIS, the IT Tool which provides the data on international trains run. Punctuality improvement in terms of operational measures to mitigate delays is addressed by the ScanMed Regional Groups. 

    In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, ScanMed publishes its punctuality reports in CIP, from where they can be downloaded.

  • Assessment of the performance from the inside - Key Performance Indicators

    ScanMed adopted a number of Key Performance Indicators which are annually measured. Part of these KPIs are commonly shared with other RFCs (see “RNE Guidelines for RFCs Key Performance Indicators”). Others, are an individual choice of the Scanmed RFC.

  • ScanMed KPIs 2016

    The ScanMed KPIs list for 2016 can be found here.

    ScanMed KPIs 2017

    ScanMed is cooperating with RNE, other RFCs and the ECCO group to draw up a number of additional KPIs. Their feasibility and significance are under investigation

    The Scanmed is also internally discussing  the update of its KPIs list, both based on the outcomes of the exercise above and on the outcomes of the discussions with customer

    The updated list will be published here when available.

  • Assessment of the performance from the customers’ point of view – User Satisfaction Survey

    The USS has carried out under the umbrella of RNE since 2014. ScanMed RFC participated into it for the first time in 2016.

    The USS consists of a web-based multiple-choice questionnaire covering all action fields of the RFCs. Applicants, i.e. Railway Undertakings and non-Railway Undertakings, as well as Terminals and Ports answered the questionnaire in September 2016.

  • ScanMed User Satisfaction survey 2017

    The result will be published soon.

  • ScanMed User Satisfaction survey 2016

    Please, find here the results of the USS 2016

    Please, find here the follow-up actions set up according to the USS 2016 results