ScanMed noted as an example of best practice at SERAC meeting

On the 25th of June 2020, the Single European Railway Area Committee held a meeting to discuss many essential questions that affect railway within the EU.

At the meeting, ERFA, European Rail Freight Association, held a presentation of existing practices with regards to the coordination of TCRs, Temporary Capacity Restrictions.

ScanMed RFC, with a focus on the Regional Working Group Brenner and the TCR Working Group South, was noted as an example of best practice.

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Switching of C-OSS Managers at ScanMed RFC

A turtle, eight different abbreviations in one interview, and "what are you wearing?"

Stephan Noll, our current C-OSS Manager, is leaving the Corridor soon and is replaced by Paul Dippmann.

Watch the interview and learn why Stephan is leaving, what he's proud of, and what Paul is envisioning in the crystal ball of the future!

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What are Punctuality Reports?

- Is the train delayed?

- Why is the train delayed?

- What can be done to minimize delays over time?

Answers to questions like this and much more can be found in ScanMed RFC's monthly Punctuality Reports.

I had the chance to have a virtual sitdown with Kosta Tsesmetsis, ScanMed RFC CRM Manager, to get the full picture. 

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Punctuality reports available

The punctuality of trains is always interesting; are they on time? How often are they delayed?

ScanMed RFC publishes monthly Punctuality Reports in CIP and you can view them through this link.

More information about Train Performance Management can be viewed through this link.

A quarterly Punctuality Report is also available through request, please contact us if you want your own copy.

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Johan Carlgren, Accessibility Manager

Mudslide in Austria, International Disruption simulated

International disruptions happen. But the consequences can be mitigated; ScanMed RFC has implemented a 24/7 back-up service for International Contingency Management with the help of Trafikverket. On the 29th of April, a simulation was performed with participants from the whole Corridor.

Johan Carlgren, Accessibility Manager at ScanMed RFC and Anne Hommik, Operational Working Group Leader at ScanMed RFC, tells us more.

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Logistics Trust Networks: ScanMed RFC together with Shift2Rail discussed the future possibilities of transports on the railway

On the 16th of April, ScanMed RFC, together with Shift2Rail, discussed the future possibilities of transports on the railway.
The meeting was held as a virtual meeting; for a summary of the outcome, please click to read.

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Customer Workshop, RAG/TAG-meeting dates are announced!

The Customer Workshop (RAG/TAG-meeting) is now scheduled from the 11th until the 13th of November 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. The Annual Report is published and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our Managing Director summarizes as Easter draws near.

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We wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Easter is here and for many of us it will be an unusual Easter; the current COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of us. But nevertheless, Easter is here. In what way you celebrate, or just enjoy a couple of days off, we want to wish you a Happy Easter. We would like to share with you some highlights we've had over the past months...

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Stephan Noll, C-OSS Manager

Review Report of ICM case in Rendsburg published

On the 8th of May 2019, a level crossing accident occurred near Rendsburg in Germany.


The accident has an immediate impact on the driver of the train, the truck driver, as well as passengers, board the train.

The impact of the infrastructure was severe, and international disturbances were soon felt. ScanMed RFC applied the ICM Routine for the first time, and now the full review report is published.

Read a short Q&A with our C-OSS Manager, Stephan Noll!

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Linda Thulin, President ScanMed RFC

Annual Report of 2019 published

ScanMed RFC, together with Terminals, Ports, and Railway Undertakings, ensures that the railway is the obvious choice for transporting goods!

The words from our President, Linda Thulin, will introduce the Annual Report of ScanMed RFC published today!

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Information from ScanMed RFC regarding the COVID-19 outbreak


With regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic, ScanMedRFC wishes to inform you of the impact on rail freight traffic as well as to the options that are possible by transporting goods on the railway.

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Psst! Do you know what's happening in April?

Spring is starting and with it we are approaching April in speed.

Do you want to know more about C-OSS, PaP, what's happening in April and Stephan Noll?

We've set up a short video-interview with our C-OSS manager, set aside 10 minutes and enjoy a information-packed video!

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Brenner Pass Task Force formed!

Linda Thulin, President of the Management Board, stated that the customers and ministries has enlightened us that the situation in Brenner is urgent until the tunnel opens: Roads has been gaining advantage over rail and we need immediate action to reverse the trend.  

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Kosta Tsesmetsis

New Customer and Relations Manager at ScanMed RFC

We warmly welcome Kosta Tsesmetsis as our new colleague within the ScanMed RFC Team.
Kosta will join as our new Customer and Relations Manager (CRM) as of 1st of March 2020.

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Postponement of the Green Logistics Expo

The Green Logistics Expo, initially scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 15th of May 2020 in Padua is postponed due to the emergency caused by the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus. Please click to read the full news.

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Båramo to be more integrated into Europe’s railway network through ScanMed RFC

On the 28th of January 2020 the Vaggeryd Municipality in Sweden published a press release in reference to the news that Båramo Intermodal terminal becoming more integrated into the railway network in Europe through its co-operation with ScanMed RFC. This will come into effect in December 2020.

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Linda Thulin

ScanMed RFC president, Linda Thulin, speaks at the Arctic Infrastructure Conference

On the 17th of February Linda Thulin, president of ScanMed RFC, joined the Arctic Infrastructure Conference via live-meeting to speak about what ScanMed RFC can contribute to in reaching the Green Deal and reduce CO2.

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Adjusted time-frame map for deployment of ERTMS in Southern Sweden

ERTMS deployment in the southern part of Sweden

Sweden’s railway infrastructure manager, Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) corrected it’s time-frame for the deployment of ERTMS after consultations with the train operators and coordination with other main projects in Sweden and neighboring countries.

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Fruitful ICM Workshop on the 30th of January in Stockholm

ScanMed RFC together with Trafikverket organized a workshop to further ensure the implementation of ICM, International Contingency Management, in the ScanMed corridor.

Participants from BaneDanmark, Bane NOR, Trafikverket, DB Netz, RFI and ÖBB attended the workshop and gave valuable input.

Co-operation and not to be afraid to implement ICM were some keywords that everyone agreed on during the workshop.

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ScanMed RFC position paper concerning the Evaluation of Regulation (EC) 913/2010 implementation

Rail freight can play a big part in reducing congestion and carbon emissions in the EU.

The Commission will evaluate the rail freight corridors set up across Europe and assess whether the quality of rail freight has been improved.

ScanMed RFC welcomes the opportunity to evaluate the regulation (EC) 913/2010 implementation.

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Path Coordination System Training - register for the event!

Dear Customers, Applicants and Partners,


Together with other Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) ScanMed RFC will organize a joint Path Coordination System (PCS) Training in participation with Rail Network Europe (RNE) on the 6th and 7th of February 2020 in Frankfurt.


Please click below for more information and a link to the registration.

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Publication PaP Offer TT2021

Dear customers, dear applicants,


we are happy to announce that the Pre-Arranged Paths (PaPs) Offer TT2021 is now published and accessible in PCS and ready for you to order. In the annual catalogue you will find all internationally coordinated, harmonised and pre-constructed paths of ScanMed RFC which can be requested exclusively via the C-OSS and PCS.

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New Communication and Administration Officer at ScanMed RFC

We are happy to announce that a new Communication and Administration Officer has joined the ScanMed RFC.
Johnny Tilgrim from Trafikverket is starting in January 2020 in his new role.

Antonella Recchia will support us until the end of January and then she will take on new responsibilities within RFI.
We thank Antonella for her services since 2018.

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Successfull roll-out of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) to Rail Freight Corridor AMBER

Cooperation between RNE and the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) is once again proving fruitful. The Customer Information Platform (CIP) has been successfully rolled-out to the RFC Amber (RFC 11). The information concerning this new RFC is now available in the CIP productive environment powered by RNE under


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Single Contract of Use (SCU)

ScanMed RFC has reached an agreement to let its customers in ScanMed North (NOR, SWE, DEN, GER) implement a Single Contract of Use (SCU) of railway infrastructure capacity along the Scandinavian Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor.


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TCRs publication TT 2021

Dear customer,
ScanMed RFC wants to inform you that the publication of the detailed information on coordinated TCRs (Temporary Capacity Restrictions) for Time Table 2021 has been slightly delayed for organizational reasons, and will occur by mid-January 2020.

In case-specific information is needed before the publication, you are welcome to contact or


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Update for applicants

27-Nov-2019 update - Dear applicants, we thank you for your interest. Due to the high number of received CVs, the first selection phase will be closed on the 29-Nov-2019. CVs received after this date, can't be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the next selection phase. ScanMed RFC wishes the best of luck to all the applicants. #Europeancorridor #ScanMedRFC

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We are hiring

ScanMed RFC, the European Rail Freight Corridor Scandinavian Mediterranean, is looking for a Communication and Administration Officer (temporary assignment – Vienna). Should you be interested in the below described position, you can send your CV via email (subject: CA Officer ScanMed RFC) to by 13-December-2019.

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RAG/TAG Autumn Meeting

The ScanMed RFC wishes you a good start of the week, thanking all the Corridor Users and Stakeholders that participated at the last RAG/TAG Autumn Meeting, above all the Port of La Spezia for the hospitality during the BILOG Fair.

Last 16th of October, the ScanMed Corridor had the occasion to meet the RUs, Ports and Terminals strengthening an already existing cooperation, discussing the users’ needs and next steps to take, to increase the modal shift of freight to the railway Corridor, towards a more green and sustainable transport.


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Greater Copenhagen

How to improve the conditions for freight on a local, regional and international level? With focus in the connection between Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden


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Reserve Capacity TT2020

Reserve Capacity (RC) TT2020, our capacity product for your new recurrent business needs within the running timetable, is now available for ordering in PCS.

Applicants can book RC via the C-OSS until 30 days before the first running day via PCS from now on until end of 2020.

To inform you better and easier on the corridor’s capacity portfolio and its products, we updated our descriptions and visualisations in the respective webpage section.

Please have a look here ( to get more information on RC.

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Trafikverket - International conference on railway freight transport

Trafikverket - International conference on railway freight transport - On September the 20th in Stockholm, invited representatives from the industry and European railway organizations gathered for a full day on competitive freight transport by rail. Among the speakers were Pat Cox, who is the European Coordinator for TEN-T Scan-Med, Emanuele Mastrodonato, CEO of the Scan-Med RFC Corridor, and the Swedish Transport Administration's Director General Lena Erixson. The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) is the initiator of the conference.

The conference concept was specifically addressed to transport buyers, railway companies, major ports and terminal players with a focus on freight transport. The purpose was to highlight important aspects of how the railway can become more attractive to those who buy transport services.

The volume of goods and freight flows is expected to continue increasing - at the same time we must protect the climate and continue making our society more accessible and sustainable.

The objective of the conference was to get an industry-wide picture of Swedish and European initiatives to strengthen the growth of freight transport by rail. Therefore, together, we identified important issues and obstacles that today stand in the way of efficient and competitive rail freight transport, says Magnus Landström, the Swedish Transport Administration.

 Video: – More info:

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ScanMed RFC - Press Release DB Netz - Railway Noise Mitigation Act

Implementing the Act Prohibiting the Operation of Noisy Freight Wagons

(Railway Noise Mitigation Act)

A ban on operating noisy freight wagons, which has been imposed by the Act Prohibiting the Operation of Noisy Freight Wagons (Railway Noise Mitigation Act), will take effect from the start of the 2020/21 working timetable period.

DB Netz AG is currently preparing to implement the provisions of the Railway Noise Mitigation Act. These provisions must be applied whenever access parties request infrastructure capacity for the 2020/21 working timetable. We therefore plan to provide access parties and wagon keep-ers with timely ongoing information about the relevant rules that will apply under this Act.

From 13 December 2020, the Railway Noise Mitigation Act will prohibit the operation of freight or passenger trains containing one or more noisy freight wagons on the German (public standard gauge) rail network. Noisy freight wagons are those that exceed the noise emission limits under the TSI relating to rolling stock noise. This means that the Act will ban the operation of freight wagons with cast iron brake blocks. Wagons that have been retrofitted with composite brake blocks in place of cast iron brake blocks will be treated for the purposes of the Railway Noise Mitigation Act as equivalent to low-noise wagons compliant with the TSI relating to rolling stock noise. Such retrofitted wagons will therefore not restrict the operation of trains containing them.

Noisy freight wagons will only be allowed to operate without restrictions if an official exemption has been agreed. The German Federal Railway Authority may issue an exemption if requested by the operator or wagon keeper. Exemptions can only be issued if the wagon is providing pre- or onward carriage on a line with steep gradients, if it operates exclusively for historical or touristic interest or if there is no approved technology to turn the wagon into quiet freight wagon.

If no exemption has been issued, paths on the German rail network for trains containing one or more noisy wagons may only be requested for ad hoc services. In this case, the train's speed must be reduced so that its noise emissions do not exceed that of a comparable train containing only low-noise wagons. In practice, this usually entails reducing the train's speed to around 20-30 km/h.

Infringements of the Railway Noise Mitigation Act may result in severe penalties. In the case of repeated violations, other official sanctions may apply. These may include speed limits or bans on the offending rail company.

Should you have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to ask the noise-differ-entiated track access charges team or the national OSS using the contact details provided., +49 69 265-29129, +49 69 265-30549

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ScanMed RAG/TAG Autumn Meeting

The ScanMed RFC is happy to invite the Corridor Users and Stakeholders to the next Autumn RAG-TAG.

In 2019 we want to enhance the cooperation, and shape a more systematic dialogue, among the Corridor stakeholders. For this reasons we’d like to have a representation of stakeholders for each group.


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Conference in Stockholm

Today 20 September 2019, the ScanMed Corridor is actively attending a conference on the competitiveness of the railway transport organized by Trafikverket.

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CRM Manager Job Position

The RFC-Scan-Med focus for the upcoming years will be the market. The Corridor aim is to make the choice of railway transport easier for all the actors of the logistic chain.


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ScanMed Communication

#ScanMedRFC is grateful for your attention during the summer break! Ready to re-start pushing for more #railway and #intermodal #freight #transport, from North to South - Easily! More on

Seeing at the analytics on the LinkedIn activities during the last thirty days, we are happy for having being caught your attention with such good results also during the summer.

All the performance indicators increased showing a positive trend. We doubled the followers, reaching a 17% increase in new visitors and increasing the “custom button clicks” by 700%.

Stay tuned to discover all our next information and news.

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ScanMed Terminal Pilot

The ScanMed Corridor would like to wish you a good start of the week with an interesting news.

Another important achievement has been reached by the Rail Freight Corridor ScanMed, for the first time in Europe: last week, after having received the official confirmation of an integrated capacity request, we’ve met the concerned undertaking and terminal to define the last details of the train dossiers Verona Quadrante Europa to Rotterdam to be operated in TT 2020.  The request includes a Terminal Slot connected with a Pre-arranged Path that allows booking in advance both the railway capacity and the terminal services required by the customer. 

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Transport and Logistic Fair 2019

The ScanMed Corridor would like to thank all the customers and stakeholders who joined us in Munich at the Transport Logistic Fair (4-7 July).

Grateful for the interest received and the fruitful exchange. To keep in touch, do visit our website .


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Invitation to Munich Transport Logistic Fair

Railway is a good alternative, if you need to transport large freight volumes on long distances, especially for business that want more climate and environmental friendly transport.

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Level crossing accident near Rendsburg (line closure)

Following an accident at a level crossing (8 May 2019), the Rendsburg - Schleswig line is closed. Around 300 metres of track have to be renewed, the overhead line repaired and the level crossing technology replaced. As things stand at present, the restrictions are expected to last until Wednesday, 15 May.

Individual freight trains have been able to pass the area between Rendsburg and Owschlag at 20 km/h since noon on 9 May. This prevents trains with further European destinations from accumulating on the freight corridor to Scandinavia.


Bahnübergangsunfall bei Rendsburg (Streckensperrung)

Nach einem Unfall an einem Bahnübergang (8. Mai 2019) ist die Strecke Rendsburg - Schleswig gesperrt. Rund 300 Meter Gleis müssen erneuert, die Oberleitung instandgesetzt sowie die Bahnübergangstechnik ausgetauscht werden. Nach jetzigem Stand werden die Einschränkungen bis voraussichtlich einschließlich Mittwoch, 15. Mai dauern.

Einzelne Güterverkehrszüge können den Bereich zwischen Rendsburg und Owschlag seit Mittag des 9. Mai mit 20 km/h passieren. Damit wird ein Aufstauen der Züge mit weitergehenden europäischen Destinationen auf dem Güterkorridor Richtung Skandinavien verhindert.

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RailTech 2019

The ScanMed Corridor is glad to inform you with the relevant news from the RailTech 2019, held in Utrecht last March.

The forum attracted almost 50 participants, including Ministries, Terminals, Rail Undertakings, Industries and International Press.

Our C-OSS, Stephan Noll, presented the ScanMed Pilot on Integrated Offer, concerning the offer process where terminal slots are associated with the international rail freight capacity.

The Pilot consists of four levels of commitment as follows:

  1. C-OSS as facilitator of information exchange
  2. C-OSS as common Post-Box (Applicants can place requests for Terminal Capacity in one step, together with the PaP requests)
  3. Publication of Free Terminal Slots (C-OSS publishes free Terminal Slots in the PaP Catalogue with no preliminary coordination with the PaP times)
  4. Publication of Coordinated Terminal Slots (C-OSS publishes in the PaP Catalogue Terminal Slots which were coordinated with the PaP times)

The general thought of the participants revealed a good appreciation: customers loved the idea to book everything in one tool, as for PCS.

Furthermore, as suggested by the participants, the pilot should be applicable for Reserve Capacity requests too.

In the end, this is the right approach and a first step to achieve a real integrated offer.

In market opinion, a fully integrated is meant to serve, monitor and broadely improve the offer process. This integration should include further corridor/non-corridor lines and thus having an operational impact.

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Conclusions of the preliminary report on the accident on Storebelt (Denmark) on the 2nd of January 2019 - Danish Accident Investigation Board.

The published Danish report is available below. The following text is a not official English translation of the conclusions.

The Danish Accident Investigation Board finds it likely that the trailer's king-pin was not locked in the stool on the basis of the following:


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ScanMed Spring RAG-TAG Special Edition with End Users - 14-May-2019 Frankfurt

Dear Scandinavian Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor End Users and Stakeholders,

ScanMed RFC is happy to invite you to its fourth Spring RAG-TAG in a Special Edition, where the dialogue with End Users (clients of ScanMed Railway Undertakings) will have a special space. The meeting will take place on 14th May 2019, from 10h30 to 15h45 in Frankfurt.


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Swedish Terminals and ScanMed: set common goals

On the 13th of February in Nässjö, we have met the Swedish International Freight Association (SIFA). SIFA is a trade association which represents some 105 Swedish companies engaged in the movement of freight. During the day, we discussed the need of cooperation between stakeholders to increase the reliability of transports on railway and add volumes of freight transport on rail.

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Re-Routing Options & Processes 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

The international re-routing options and processes 2019 of ScanMed are published on the RFC Customer Information Platform (CIP). They focus on ScanMed RFC sections of re-routing possibilities to manage international contingencies. The scenarios have been developed by the traffic management departments, and departments for timetabling and infrastructure of the Infrastructure Manager Members of ScanMed RFC....

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ScanMed presentation on Integrated Offer at the Freight & Terminal Forum 2019

Excited to hear the latest news about ScanMed Integrated Offer with Terminals? Interested to discuss the proposed approach and give us feedback? Then join our interactive presentation at the Freight & Terminal Forum 2019 on 27th of March in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


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Publication PaP Offer TT2020

Dear customers,

we are happy to announce that the Pre-Arranged Paths (PaPs) Offer TT2020 is now published and accessible in PCS and ready for you to order. In the annual catolouge you will find all coordinated , harmonised and pre-constructed paths of ScanMed RFC which can be requested at the C-OSS via PCS.

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New Rail Freight Corridors on the Customer Information Platform

Another achievement deriving from the cooperation between RNE and the European Rail Freight Corridors has been reached.

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) has been successfully rolled-out to the RFCs Mediterranean (RFC6) and Orient East-Med (RFC7).

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Register for PCS Training 2019!

On the 7./8.02.2019 our PCS Training takes place in Frankfurt, jointly organized by RFC Rhine-Alpine, ScanMed and North Sea-Baltic in close cooperation with RNE (Rail Net Europe).

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Interview with Onofrio Mendoza and Giampiero Gagliardi from Terminali Italia, Verona Quadrante Europa

  1. If you are asked to name three characteristics that make Verona Quadrante such an important node for international freight transport, what should they be?

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ScanMed's new Managing Director

It's a great pleasure to introduce our new Managing Director to you. 

Emanuele Mastrodonato, a chartered Electronic Engineer, has been working for the railways since 2002 at the Italian Infrastructure manager RFI and more recently at CER, the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies.

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ScanMed's RAG/TAG Meeting

We need to talk... Come and join us at our autumn meeting of the Advisory Groups Railway Undertakings and Terminals, on 6th November in Vienna. Quality monitoring and improvement, Last-mile, traffic monitoring, international management of disturbances... we have listened to you and can't wait to share our ideas and actions with you. Follow the link: "

#corridorcommunity #makefreightgreatagain #railrocks

To register, send an email to the following address:;/

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Train Performance Management in CIP

From today on, the monthly punctuality reports on ScanMed are available for downloading in CIP.

This is an important step forwards in the path of setting up real “quality circles”, where IMs and RUs can cooperate in order to improve the punctuality along the ScanMed routes.

Our Train Performance Management working groups made a significant work to enable this publication: the Corridor working group, on one side, significantly improved the usability and reliability of the reports themselves, also cooperating with RNE and the other Corridors, while the regional working groups provided the platform where discussion on quality with railway undertakings took place. Comments resulting from this cooperation can be found in the reports.

To download the reports, please go to CIP.

We are working now to go further: improve the data quality in the North and involve Terminals in the quality circles.

Stay tuned!

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Reserve Capacity TT2019

Dear customers,

we are happy to announce that Reserve Capacity for TT2019 is now published and accessible in PCS and ready for you to order.

Reserve Capacity (RC) is our product for the ad-hoc path request and consists of remaining capacity in the running timetable dedicated to international ad-hoc freight trains on ScanMed RFC.

Further details and information can be found on our website and in CIP.

Please do not hesitate to contact our C-OSS Stephan Noll for further questions and support.

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Final Offer for the Timetable 2019

Dear Customers ScanMed is happy to announce, that the Final Offer fort Timetable 2019 is now available in PCS. Please react to your offer until 29th of August!                                                       


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Brenner Closure August 2018 | Postponement of works by RFI / Prefecture of Bolzano

RFI, the Italian Infrastructure Manager, informed its partners about short-term changes in the forthcoming Brenner Closure.

As our partners know, the planned conditions of works and related agreed traffic measures were as follows:

  • 06th August from 00h30 to 11th August, 04h30: total closure Rosenheim - Kufstein
  • 10th August from 23h00 to 15th August, 07h00: total closure Brenner - Bolzano

Each with rail replacement traffic in sections and re-routing of rail freight traffic along the Tarvisio (Tauern) axis.

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Customer Interview


How would you define what a Rail Freight Corridor is and what would you want it to be?

From the interaction I have had with the Rail Freight Corridors and understanding of Regulation EU 913/2010, the RFCs are the backbone of our primary European freight railroads.The coordination and facilitation role of the RFCs is essential for the improvement of cross-border inter-operability, thus efficiency and reliability of European rail freight operations.

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Open position

Market and Customer Relationship Manager

Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor

Join an ambitious community of Rail Infrastructure Managers to develop its market footprint and its customer portfolio!

Who are we?

ScanMed RFC stands for Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor, one of ten Rail Freight Corridors building up together a Network across Europe for competitive rail freight. “ScanMed” involves seven Infrastructure Managers from Norway (Bane Nor), Sweden (Trafikverket), Denmark (Banedanmark), Germany (DB Netz), Austria (ÖBB Infra) and Italy (RFI), as well as the Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Sweden/Denmark) managing the Øresund Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen.

ScanMed RFC contributes to the general goal of shifting freight to rail for reducing congestion on road and ultimately CO²-emissions. It aims at being the backbone of a logistic service chain better connecting rail to other modes, such as road and sea transport, and serves the strategic mission of establishing ScanMed RFC as integrator of international rail freight services with the purpose of enabling new traffic.

In this respect, ScanMed RFC has put a focus on addressing End users, i.e. freight forwarders and the Industry, which eventually decide in favor or against rail services. 

With creating the position of Market and Customer Relationship Manager, ScanMed RFC intends to strengthen its access to the market and to fulfill its goal of winning new traffic for rail.  

Your responsibilities

  • You will be part of a Corridor team of four to five people organized and working mainly as a network spread among the Corridor-countries and you will report to the Managing Director.
  • Together with the six national experts (Typical profile: Key Account Manager) appointed by the Infrastructure Managers involved in ScanMed RFC,
    • You will be defining the terms of and performing market prospection as well as customer relationships and acquisition for international rail freight, looking for new traffic opportunities
    • You will be steering market analysis whenever appropriate
    • You will be defining and implementing customer marketing and communication, including if necessary IT-tools
    • You will be quantifying a realistic corridor rail market potential
  • Together with the above-mentioned experts and with the Corridor team
    • You will be initiating and developing a dialogue with customers with the aim of winning new international freight traffic on rail
    • You will be assisting customers in their need for support to access rail services
    • You will be ensuring the appropriate involvement of partners and other stakeholders of the logistic chain
  • You will be representing the Corridor in fairs and customer events together with the Corridor team and/or further national experts whenever appropriate

Your profile

  • You have 3 to 5 year-experience in market prospection and marketing in a European environment, in the transport industry, preferably in logistics
  • You have basic knowledge of market analysis/transport modelling methods
  • You have knowledge of one or several rail freight markets covered by ScanMed RFC
  • You can think at both strategic and analytical level
  • You can act in a political environment with different stakeholders and agendas
  • You combine self-initiative and team-playing spirit
  • You feel comfortable in a creative, multi-cultural, virtually organized working environment
  • Your English is excellent in writing and speaking. Any other language spoken on the Corridor will be considered an asset.
  • You are flexible for travelling to Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and Italy

We offer

  • A great opportunity to pave a new path and to set your personal footprint
  • An entry point to seven rail infrastructure managers and market-leaders among their customers
  • A full-time position until 31st December 2021

Have we triggered your interest? Send us your CV as well as a one-pager summarizing your motivations!

Application deadline: 3rd September 2018

Contact person:

Sophie Ismaier

Managing Director ScanMed RFC

Visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn!


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Satisfaction Survey - Your feedback is very valuable to us!

In September 2018, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

With this survey, we aim to learn the opinion of our present and future users and the terminals about our products and services with the goal to further improve them for the benefit of international rail freight. This allows you to tell us about the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and also gives you the opportunity to point out areas that need to be improved.

The survey has been conducted annually since 2014 or 2016 and we have already been able to improve specific areas based on feedback from the respondents.

Since it is very important to us to increase the quality of our products and services, we look forward to receiving your feedback and assure you that it will be greatly appreciated. The higher the level of participation is, the better we will be able to draw reliable conclusions about user satisfaction with the services and products that we offer.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us: [], and you will receive a direct link to the survey questionnaire via email in September.


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ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop

ScanMed RFC thanks everyone for taking part in the third Spring Customer Workshop, held at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa on May 29th.

We are proud of the large attendance and pleased with the successful outcome of the event...

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The ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop is coming!

  • If you were to give your own definition of a Rail Freight Corridor, what would that be?

A way to bring different national Infrastructure Managers together to harmonise technical limitations and train paths constructions, as well as to eliminate administrative double work and to remove old national barriers on a deregulated European railway market. However, the Rail Freight Corridors are still struggling to find the right forms and how to pack the services to be offered.

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TEN-T Days 2018

Wishing you a good week end,

here are some photos of TEN-T Days 2018, held in Ljubljana from 25 to 27 April.

Our stand, made up of all rail freight corridors, has been a cosy place to provide, exchange information  and to work for one goal!

A relevant event to which we are proud to have participated.


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Queue for coffee with...

We are aware of the Aflas Prize 2017, what would it mean for the port of La Spezia to get this award?

The Port Authority and all the port community of La Spezia were very proud last year about the nomination of La Spezia at the Asian Freight....

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Waiting for...ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop

ScanMed RFC is pleased to invite Railway Undertakings, Terminals, Ports and End Users to its third Spring Customer Workshop that will take place on May 29th, from 09:00 to 17:45 in Naples, in the premises of the National Railway Museum.

In 2016, we dedicated our efforts to define a common strategy and in 2017 to explore the Corridor expected role as Facilitator along the logistic chain. In 2018, we will concentrate our workshop on consolidating the opened path(s).

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Test with us our new short term ad hoc offer!

Dear Customer,

We listened to your feedback. Timetables for international ad-hoc traffic are often not well harmonized: border times might differ between the Infrastructure Managers, stops at border stations might be long, timetables might be incomplete or overlapping... For these reasons, many of you asked for a corridor service facilitating quick and coordinated timetables for short-term traffic. We have followed your request!

Starting 5th February, we are officially launching our Short-term Reserve Capacity Pilot. The Pilot enables you the request of international coordinated timetables at a short-notice, by using PCS.

We aim at improving the quality of the timetables and reducing the response time.

This is what you need to consider:

  • Our for short-term Reserve Capacity TT2018 is marked in PCS as RFC03adhoc01, RFC03adhoc02 etc.
  • The number of Dossiers published in PCS is not an indication of the available capacity for the Pilot. New Dossiers can be daily uploaded into PCS as soon as the published capacity was used and as long as capacity is still available at the Infrastructure Managers
  • Only the corridor sections and the standard parameters are published in PCS. The times of the timetable are flexible - It is up to you to decide which times suit you best
  • We will construct the international timetable and provide you with the offer as soon as possible (There are no fixed deadlines but we aim at being quicker than the individual Infrastructure Managers)
  • We start the Pilot by enabling requests for spot-traffic only (one train / one day). Depending on the results of the Pilot, the corridor service might be extended
  • Exceptional transports cannot be accepted
  • Only requests with forward construction can be dealt with
  • Only requests placed in PCS can be taken into consideration for the Pilot
  • The function “pre-accepted offer” should be selected in PCS when creating the Dossier
  • Following Infrastructure Managers are part of the Pilot: Banedanmark, DB Netz, ÖBB Infra, RFI
  • You will get your final offer via PCS

Have we triggered your interest ? Please contact your C-OSS for support and more details.


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Our PaP-Catalogue and Corridor Information Document 2019 are published!

Dear Customers,

we are pleased to announce that our PaP-Offer for TT 2019 is now published and accessible in PCS as well as on our Customer Information Platform, together with our Corridor Information Document.

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Information on Brenner closure until 4th January

Due to the derailment of a freight train between Brenner and Steinach (among Gries and St. Jodok) on the evening of 22 December, the line is currently completely closed.

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Queue for coffee with...

... Andrea Marco Penso, Business Development, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.


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Queue for coffee with...

...Harald Hotz, Head of International Relations at ÖBB Infra and Head of RailNetEurope

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Morning coffee chat with...

Can you tell us about your role on ScanMed RFC?

I have been chairing the Management Board of the Corridor for the last two years. It consists of highly skilled top managers with long international experience from our six Member-Infrastructure Managers. This is the group where all decisions about the implementation of our strategy are made.

What are the biggest challenges on ScanMed RFC?

Bringing radically different operational and market environments to pursue together one strategy and the same goals all the way between Scandinavia and Italy. These are reliability of rail traffic and simplicity of access to rail services for end users. We work with pilots and regional groups, in the North and in the South - but it is the role of the Management Board and its team to ensure that we all go in the same direction.

What are the next plans?

We have three priorities: improve our capacity offer for more flexibility, complete our work on cross-border contingency management with the aim of more transparency for our customers, and support a better coordination of works, both cross-border and internally to the Infrastructure managers, between our colleagues planning works, and those planning paths.

Where do you want ScanMed RFC to be in 10 years?

To be the natural counterpart and solution-provider for rail users, when it comes to international freight. The Corridors must be trend and frame-setters. We brought our Members to talk on a broader geographical basis than just the network next door. The next step is to convince them that we support them, not compete with them. Our common competitors are road, short-sea shipping and inland waterways.

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October 25th 2017: RAG TAG Meeting

Following a fruitful meeting in Malmö, the Corridor looks forward to welcoming the Advisory Groups Railway Undertakings (RAG) and Terminals (TAG) on 25th October from 09h45 to 16h00 in Verona

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April 11th 2017: Multi-corridor view as a new functionality in the Customer Information Platform

The takeover of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) by RailNetEurope (RNE) and its rollout to six participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) made it possible for the CIP to become a multi-corridor tool providing harmonised information processes. This included the possibility for users to navigate easily between the information for individual RFCs displayed on the CIP.

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