Satisfaction Survey - Your feedback is very valuable to us!

In September 2018, the annual RFC User Satisfaction Survey will be re-launched.

With this survey, we aim to learn the opinion of our present and future users and the terminals about our products and services with the goal to further improve them for the benefit of international rail freight. This allows you to tell us about the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and also gives you the opportunity to point out areas that need to be improved.

The survey has been conducted annually since 2014 or 2016 and we have already been able to improve specific areas based on feedback from the respondents.

Since it is very important to us to increase the quality of our products and services, we look forward to receiving your feedback and assure you that it will be greatly appreciated. The higher the level of participation is, the better we will be able to draw reliable conclusions about user satisfaction with the services and products that we offer.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us: [], and you will receive a direct link to the survey questionnaire via email in September.


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ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop

ScanMed RFC thanks everyone for taking part in the third Spring Customer Workshop, held at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa on May 29th.

We are proud of the large attendance and pleased with the successful outcome of the event...

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The ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop is coming!

  • If you were to give your own definition of a Rail Freight Corridor, what would that be?

A way to bring different national Infrastructure Managers together to harmonise technical limitations and train paths constructions, as well as to eliminate administrative double work and to remove old national barriers on a deregulated European railway market. However, the Rail Freight Corridors are still struggling to find the right forms and how to pack the services to be offered.

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TEN-T Days 2018

Wishing you a good week end,

here are some photos of TEN-T Days 2018, held in Ljubljana from 25 to 27 April.

Our stand, made up of all rail freight corridors, has been a cosy place to provide, exchange information  and to work for one goal!

A relevant event to which we are proud to have participated.


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Queue for coffee with...

We are aware of the Aflas Prize 2017, what would it mean for the port of La Spezia to get this award?

The Port Authority and all the port community of La Spezia were very proud last year about the nomination of La Spezia at the Asian Freight....

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Waiting for...ScanMed's Spring Customer Workshop

ScanMed RFC is pleased to invite Railway Undertakings, Terminals, Ports and End Users to its third Spring Customer Workshop that will take place on May 29th, from 09:00 to 17:45 in Naples, in the premises of the National Railway Museum.

In 2016, we dedicated our efforts to define a common strategy and in 2017 to explore the Corridor expected role as Facilitator along the logistic chain. In 2018, we will concentrate our workshop on consolidating the opened path(s).

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Test with us our new short term ad hoc offer!

Dear Customer,

We listened to your feedback. Timetables for international ad-hoc traffic are often not well harmonized: border times might differ between the Infrastructure Managers, stops at border stations might be long, timetables might be incomplete or overlapping... For these reasons, many of you asked for a corridor service facilitating quick and coordinated timetables for short-term traffic. We have followed your request!

Starting 5th February, we are officially launching our Short-term Reserve Capacity Pilot. The Pilot enables you the request of international coordinated timetables at a short-notice, by using PCS.

We aim at improving the quality of the timetables and reducing the response time.

This is what you need to consider:

  • Our for short-term Reserve Capacity TT2018 is marked in PCS as RFC03adhoc01, RFC03adhoc02 etc.
  • The number of Dossiers published in PCS is not an indication of the available capacity for the Pilot. New Dossiers can be daily uploaded into PCS as soon as the published capacity was used and as long as capacity is still available at the Infrastructure Managers
  • Only the corridor sections and the standard parameters are published in PCS. The times of the timetable are flexible - It is up to you to decide which times suit you best
  • We will construct the international timetable and provide you with the offer as soon as possible (There are no fixed deadlines but we aim at being quicker than the individual Infrastructure Managers)
  • We start the Pilot by enabling requests for spot-traffic only (one train / one day). Depending on the results of the Pilot, the corridor service might be extended
  • Exceptional transports cannot be accepted
  • Only requests with forward construction can be dealt with
  • Only requests placed in PCS can be taken into consideration for the Pilot
  • The function “pre-accepted offer” should be selected in PCS when creating the Dossier
  • Following Infrastructure Managers are part of the Pilot: Banedanmark, DB Netz, ÖBB Infra, RFI
  • You will get your final offer via PCS

Have we triggered your interest ? Please contact your C-OSS for support and more details.


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Our PaP-Catalogue and Corridor Information Document 2019 are published!

Dear Customers,

we are pleased to announce that our PaP-Offer for TT 2019 is now published and accessible in PCS as well as on our Customer Information Platform, together with our Corridor Information Document.

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Information on Brenner closure until 4th January

Due to the derailment of a freight train between Brenner and Steinach (among Gries and St. Jodok) on the evening of 22 December, the line is currently completely closed.

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Queue for coffee with...

... Andrea Marco Penso, Business Development, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.


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Queue for coffee with...

...Harald Hotz, Head of International Relations at ÖBB Infra and Head of RailNetEurope

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Morning coffee chat with...

Can you tell us about your role on ScanMed RFC?

I have been chairing the Management Board of the Corridor for the last two years. It consists of highly skilled top managers with long international experience from our six Member-Infrastructure Managers. This is the group where all decisions about the implementation of our strategy are made.

What are the biggest challenges on ScanMed RFC?

Bringing radically different operational and market environments to pursue together one strategy and the same goals all the way between Scandinavia and Italy. These are reliability of rail traffic and simplicity of access to rail services for end users. We work with pilots and regional groups, in the North and in the South - but it is the role of the Management Board and its team to ensure that we all go in the same direction.

What are the next plans?

We have three priorities: improve our capacity offer for more flexibility, complete our work on cross-border contingency management with the aim of more transparency for our customers, and support a better coordination of works, both cross-border and internally to the Infrastructure managers, between our colleagues planning works, and those planning paths.

Where do you want ScanMed RFC to be in 10 years?

To be the natural counterpart and solution-provider for rail users, when it comes to international freight. The Corridors must be trend and frame-setters. We brought our Members to talk on a broader geographical basis than just the network next door. The next step is to convince them that we support them, not compete with them. Our common competitors are road, short-sea shipping and inland waterways.

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October 25th 2017: RAG TAG Meeting

Following a fruitful meeting in Malmö, the Corridor looks forward to welcoming the Advisory Groups Railway Undertakings (RAG) and Terminals (TAG) on 25th October from 09h45 to 16h00 in Verona

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April 11th 2017: Multi-corridor view as a new functionality in the Customer Information Platform

The takeover of the Customer Information Platform (CIP) by RailNetEurope (RNE) and its rollout to six participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) made it possible for the CIP to become a multi-corridor tool providing harmonised information processes. This included the possibility for users to navigate easily between the information for individual RFCs displayed on the CIP.

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