IT tools

Customer Information Platform (CIP)

CIP is a webpage platform providing the customers with documentation and information about the RFC' s infrastructure, offer and activities.

CIP includes an interactive Corridor map, showing the Corridor routing, infrastructure parameters, information on terminals, in addition to Corridor documents, such as the CID, and the capacity offer.

CIP is an open platform, which stakeholders can access via the login page by clicking on "customer login" and following the instructions

What can I find in CIP?

The Customer Information Platform provides a multi-corridor view, i.e. it shows the information in a “network” approach. All RFCs are displayed and the user can select the ones he/she interested in. The information provided includes:

  • an interactive Corridor map displaying line properties such as infrastructure parameters and information on terminals on the Corridor routing,
  • Corridor documents, such as the Corridor Information Document,
  • Capacity offer
How can I access CIP?

CIP is an open platform, which stakeholders can access via a login page.

Where can I find more information?

More detailed information are available in RNE CIP Page and in the CIP brochure

Can I give feedback on CIP?

Any CIP user can provide us with a feedback, both answering to a satisfaction questionnaire and leaving any comment in an open format or via mail to

Path Coordination System (PCS)

Path Coordination System (PCS) is a web-based tool supporting the coordination of international train path offers and requests, accessible to all stakeholders, such as Railway Undertakings, Infrastructure Managers, Allocation Bodies and Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs). The PCS ensures harmonisation of both requests and offers and allows applicants for international train paths to submit a unique application for the whole path. PCS is the only tool for requesting Corridor Pre-Arranged paths.

Charging Information System (CIS)

CIS is a web-based application providing information on charges for the use of the rail infrastructure from several European networks: it is an “umbrella” for the various national rail infrastructure charging systems. It can estimate the price for the use of international train paths within minutes.

Train Information System (TIS)

TIS is a web-based tool providing real-time information about running of international passenger and freight trains. It is also an information source for statistics on punctuality and operational performance of international trains