How to apply

Who can apply

All  applicants, as defined in Article 15 of the Regulation (EU) 913/2010, can apply for capacity on ScanMed RFC. An applicant means a railway undertaking (RU) or an international grouping of RUs or other persons or legal entities, such as shippers, freight forwarders and combined transport operators, with a commercial interest in procuring infrastructure capacity.

The Executive Boards of the Rail Freight Corridors also developed Framework for Capacity Allocation (FCA), as provided for in art.14.1 of the Freight Regulation, which constitutes the legal basis for capacity allocation by the C-OSS. You can download the FCA from our Customer Information Platform here: FCA 2018 (please select our Corridor from the menu and type the log-in to access)

An applicant must accept the General Terms and Conditions set by ScanMed RFC in order to be allowed to place requests.

Download declaration here: Declaration on General Terms & Conditions

How to apply

PCS is the only tool for publishing the binding offer for PaPs and RC  as well as for for placing international path requests on ScanMed RFC.

Access to the tool is free of charge and granted to all applicants who have a valid PCS User Agreement signed with RNE. To receive access to the tool, please contact