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Welcome to the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor

The Corridor started its activity on November 10th 2015. On this website, you will find relevant information about who we are and what we do. Customers can gather all documents and contacts they need in order to make business with us.


The ScanMed Action 2016 PSA-RFC03 has received funding from the European Union.


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All trains can run again without any problems on the Rendsburg - Schleswig line - closure of the International Disruption ScanMed - current situation DB Netz

Dear Customers and Stakeholders,

As regards the level crossing accident near Rendsburg, following an accident at a level crossing (8 May 2019), the Rendsburg - Schleswig line was closed.

We inform you now, that since 4.45 pm 15.05.2019 both tracks on the line between Flensburg and Hamburg are available again. So all trains can run again without any problems.

Latest information about interruptions at regional level can be found at


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Level crossing accident near Rendsburg (line closure)

Following an accident at a level crossing (8 May 2019), the Rendsburg - Schleswig line is closed. Around 300 metres of track have to be renewed, the overhead line repaired and the level crossing technology replaced. As things stand at present, the restrictions are expected to last until Wednesday, 15 May.

Individual freight trains have been able to pass the area between Rendsburg and Owschlag at 20 km/h since noon on 9 May. This prevents trains with further European destinations from accumulating on the freight corridor to Scandinavia.


Bahnübergangsunfall bei Rendsburg (Streckensperrung)

Nach einem Unfall an einem Bahnübergang (8. Mai 2019) ist die Strecke Rendsburg - Schleswig gesperrt. Rund 300 Meter Gleis müssen erneuert, die Oberleitung instandgesetzt sowie die Bahnübergangstechnik ausgetauscht werden. Nach jetzigem Stand werden die Einschränkungen bis voraussichtlich einschließlich Mittwoch, 15. Mai dauern.

Einzelne Güterverkehrszüge können den Bereich zwischen Rendsburg und Owschlag seit Mittag des 9. Mai mit 20 km/h passieren. Damit wird ein Aufstauen der Züge mit weitergehenden europäischen Destinationen auf dem Güterkorridor Richtung Skandinavien verhindert.

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