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Information on the impact of COVID-19 on the rail freight operations of ScanMed RFC.




Welcome to the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor

The Corridor started its activity on November 10th 2015. On this website, you will find relevant information about who we are and what we do. Customers can gather all documents and contacts they need in order to make business with us.


The ScanMed Action 2016 PSA-RFC03 has received funding from the European Union.

Switching of C-OSS Managers at ScanMed RFC

A turtle, eight different abbreviations in one interview, and "what are you wearing?"

Stephan Noll, our current C-OSS Manager, is leaving the Corridor soon and is replaced by Paul Dippmann.

Watch the interview and learn why Stephan is leaving, what he's proud of, and what Paul is envisioning in the crystal ball of the future!

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What are Punctuality Reports?

- Is the train delayed?

- Why is the train delayed?

- What can be done to minimize delays over time?

Answers to questions like this and much more can be found in ScanMed RFC's monthly Punctuality Reports.

I had the chance to have a virtual sitdown with Kosta Tsesmetsis, ScanMed RFC CRM Manager, to get the full picture. 

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A cooperation between the Infrastructure Managers

on the longest Rail Freight Corridor