Annual Report

The annual report presents the main achievements of ScanMed RFC during the past year. It encloses in particular key performance indicators. The Annual Report for 2018 is available in CIP: Annual Report.

Please be aware that after clicking on the link you first have to select ScanMed in the drop down menu and then enter the shown security password.

In CIP you can find the Annual Report of 2017 as well. 




Corridor Information Document (CID)

The Corridor Information Document is the main information source about corridor. This document certifies the existence of the Corridor and provides information about the overall, basic structure of the rules, procedures and available data of ScanMed RFC.
It consists of five Books:
Book 1 - Generalities
Book 2 - Network Statement Excerpts
Book 3 - Terminal Description
Book 4 - Procedures for Capacity Management and Traffic Management
Book 5 - Implementation Plan
The five CID books can be downloaded in ScanMed RFC CIP
The CID is constantly updated according to the agreed ScanMed calendar

Transport Market Study (TMS)

The main objective of the TMS is to provide a detailed analysis of freight market developments and future customer demand on the Corridor. It supports the definition of a corridor offer, tailored to meet customer needs and expectations.
ScanMed TMS was conducted in 2014 and delivered in September the same year.
An executive summary can be downloaded here