CIP is a web-based platform which provides users and any interested party with information on the Corridor. It went live in November 2015 and aims at being an “Information One-Stop-Shop” for Corridor users.

What can I find in CIP?

The Customer Information Platform provides a multi-corridor view, i.e. it shows the information in a “network” approach. All RFCs are displayed and the user can select the ones he/she interested in. The information provided includes:

  • an interactive Corridor map displaying line properties such as infrastructure parameters and information on terminals on the Corridor routing,
  • Corridor documents, such as the Corridor Information Document,
  • Capacity offer

How can I access CIP ? 

CIP is an open platform, which stakeholders can access via a login page. 

Where can I find more information?

More detailed information are available in RNE CIP Page and in the CIP brochure

Can I give feedback on CIP?

Any CIP user can provide us with a feedback, both answering to a satisfaction questionnaire and leaving any comment in an open format or via mail to